Del Norte County is a beautiful place to spend quality time with your family. You'll find fun and interesting places like Trees of Mystery and the Sky Trail, Ocean World, the Rowdy Creek Hatchery, and the Tour Thru Tree. For history buffs and those interested in Native American artifacts, you can enjoy a large collection at the End of the Trail Museum as well as a fine collection of basketry at the Del Norte County Historical Society Main Museum. And don't forget our two lighthouses, Battery Point and St. George Reef perched on the rugged Pacific Coastline.

Ocean World

304 Highway 101 South, Crescent City, CA 95531 Phone: (707) 464-4900

Ocean World aquarium is privately owned and operated and has been in Crescent City since 1964. Originally Ocean World was called Under Sea Gardens and was located in the small boat basin. It was a barge that was built in Seattle as an aquarium and floated down to Crescent City and rested in the harbor. Visitors would descend below the surface of the water to observation windows to view the sea life.

In 1985 the barge was moved to dry land and took on a new life as Undersea World aquarium. The aquarium now consists of tanks holding over half a million gallons and an abundance of sea life, including sharks, seals, sea lions, rays and wolf eels. Now with a name change to Ocean World and added attractions of shark petting, interactive tide pool, and a highflying sea lion performance, we have something for the whole family.

Klamath Tour Thru Tree

430 CA-169, Klamath, CA 95548 Phone: (707) 482-0227

The Tour Thru Tree has become a standard "must see" for visitors to California's Coastal Redwoods

More than 725 years ago, a redwood tree began to grow outside what was to become the tiny community of Klamath. California. As the tree grew it was scarred by a forest fire and its top was blown off by a mighty storm. Like all redwoods, however, the tree was a survivor and today it stands as a healthy, living monument to its storied past.

In 1976 a tunnel was carved through the tree, carefully avoiding critical areas of living wood. Today you can actually drive through the trunk of this enormous giant now known as the Tour Thru Tree. Photographs of family cars passing through this giant grace thousands of vacation photo albums.

The Tour Thru Tree is located just 2.5 miles north of Kamp Klamath on Route 169.
Take the Terwer Valley/Klamath Glen off-ramp from Highway 101.

Rates are $5.00 per car of three occupants plus $1 per additional occupant over seven years of age. Motorcycles are $3.

Trees of Mystery Sky Trail

15500 U.S. 101, Klamath, CA 95548 Phone: (707) 482-2251

Come Ride The Unforgettable SkyTrail ! One of the most appealing and exciting features of the entire Trees of Mystery experience is the nearly 1/3 mile journey through the forest tree tops via the unique SkyTrail gondola ride. ... Each SkyTrail gondola travels through the redwood forest.

Rowdy Creek Fish Hatchery

255 N Fred Haight Dr, Smith River, CA 95567 Phone: (707) 487-3443

Famous fish stream. The Smith River, long noted for it's huge Steelhead (up to 25 lbs.) and Chinook salmon (up to 65 lbs.) is the third largest stream in California,
A major route for migrating adult fish to reach their spawning grounds.

Del Norte County Historical Society Museum

577 H Street, Crescent City, CA 95531

The Del Norte County Historical Society welcomes you to Del Norte County's history. The Society manages both a museum, located in the former County Hall of Records on the corner of 6th & ‘H' Streets in Crescent City, California; and Battery Point Lighthouse, located at the foot of ‘A' Street.

You are encouraged to visit both locations when they are open to the public between the months of May through September, and on special occasions or with special arrangements. Research in the archives at the museum during designated days and hours in the off season are set by the Board of Directors each year.

For more information about The Del Norte County Historical Society, call (707) 464-3922, or email

St. George Reef Light House

The St. George Reef Light is an inactive lighthouse built on North West Seal Rock, six miles off the coast of northern California near Crescent City, Ca. In July,1865,the coastal steamer Brother Jonathan sank on St. George Reef, with the loss of over 150 lives. As a result, planning begun to place a lighthouse in these treacherous waters. Constructed between 1882-1892, St. George is called America's most expensive lighthouse, costing in excess of $700,000. Built on a small wave washed rock 6 miles off the coast near Crescent City, CA.

Battery Point Lighthouse

The Battery Point Lighthouse, first lit with oil lamps in 1856, is an active lighthouse with a residence and keeper. It serves as a private aid to navigation.

Legends and Its Beauty

Great stories about the Lighthouse and Native American legends about the Island have been crafted over time. A resident ghost is even said to haunt the residence. Photographers and artists have captured the beauty of the Lighthouse thousands of times making it one of the most vivid images in all of Del Norte County. The scenic beauty has made Battery Point Lighthouse the subject of film companies for movies, television programs, commercials and music videos. Many weddings have taken place on the island. Use Caution When You Visit the lighthouse.

Art Galleries in Del Norte County

Crescent City Auction Gallery

Hogan Studios, Inc.

Del Norte Assocation for Cultural Awareness


Quality Inn Crescent City

  • (707) 464-3885
  • 100 Walton St
  • Crescent City, CA 95531